NWT Laboratory Staff

Michael R. Miller, Lab Supervisor

Mike Miller

Mr. Miller joined NWT in 1981. Currently, he is supervisor of the NWT laboratory and is responsible for application and development of advanced analytical procedures to support NWT and client needs. His emphasis has been on methods development for analysis of low concentration impurities in power station waters including adaptation of graphite furnace atomic absorption and ion chromatography techniques. His accomplishments in related areas include development of a radiotracer based resin leakage procedure and modification of commercial TOC instrumentation for in-line plant applications. Mr. Miller is responsible for NWT's in-house laboratory QA/QC program and its BWR and PWR Q-CHEM programs which provide samples of unknown concentration for plant chemist analysis to assist nuclear sites in demonstrating conformance to 10CFR50. Over 50 plants currently are participating in this program in partial satisfaction of 10CFR50 requirements. Mr. Miller also provides customized training at nuclear sites on low level impurity analyses in nuclear systems employing primarily ion chromatography and atomic absorption techniques.

Mary Hyde, Chemist

Mary Hyde

Mary joined NWT Corporation in March 1989 as a laboratory chemist. She currently administers the NWT Q-Chem program, a nuclear site interlaboratory validation effort to comply with 10CFR50 requirements. She also trains NWT laboratory personnel, authors and reviews laboratory procedures, oversees the NWT laboratory safety program and manages the laboratory when required. In addition to her laboratory responsibilities, Mary has participated in several moisture carryover measurement programs at PWRs using the Na-24 radiotracer technique.

Barbara DeBold, Chemist

Barbara has been with NWT since June 1992. She currently manages the production, verification and distribution of chemistry samples manufactured by the NWT Laboratory. She has authored Q-Chem procedures detailing each step in the manufacturing process, with emphasis on quality assurance and traceability. In addition to her sample production responsibilities, Barbara is a fully qualified analyst providing technical support for most aspects of laboratory operations. Her duties include preparation and/or review of technical reports issued by the laboratory in connection with the Q-Chem program.

Barbara DeBold

Salim Soubra, Technician


Salim received his BS in Chemistry from California State University at Fullerton in 2016. He is currently enrolled in the Master of Chemical Engineering program at San Jose State University. As a student, Salim has previously been employed at a few analytical laboratories, where he performed a variety of testing ranging from environmental to medical device analysis.

Salim Soubra