Custom Q-Chem Filters

Since its inception in 1987, the BWR/Q-Chem program has striven to provide meaningful samples to clients in the power industry. Accordingly, special methods were developed to produce filter samples which simulate corrosion product sample collection. Subsequently, many of our client nuclear sites began requesting filters for a variety of other purposes, such as verification of methodology and/or qualification of new technicians.

To address these needs, the NWT custom filter program was initiated. Both ion exchange membranes and Millipore© filters are able to be prepared to specification upon request. Production of some Millipore© filters requires a significant lead time, dependent upon the requirements of the client and the availability of necessary reagents.

Due to the nature of the production process, the Millipore© filters may exhibit a small amount of radioactivity. NWT maintains a practice of periodically producing inventory batches of Millipore© filters. The requirements of many clients have been met through filters furnished from this stock. As an added bonus, the activity in some stock filters has decayed for a sufficient period so that it is no longer distinguishable above background.

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